One Little Word® 2023 | Completed Album Walkthrough

In this video I'm sharing a look at my completed 2023 One Little Word® project. 

As with all our projects there isn't a right or a wrong way to approach your storytelling/documenting. I continue to use a binder album because that works well for me while others in our community like to use a notebook or other way to tell the story of life with their word. 

Documenting the stories of living with a word each year is something I've done consistently since 2011 and it's absolultely made a difference in my life. 

Check out previous video walkthroughs here: 

Interested in a conversation about choosing a word? Take a listen  here.

If you are interested in joining the conversation about living with a word of the year you're invited to join our team + community in our year long One Little Word® workshop

Sign up before 12/31/23 for $5 off.

If you are looking for supplies to help you tell the story of your word, check out our 2024 collection here.

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