Project Life® 2024 | Week 04

Mixing things up this week in my 2024 Project Life® album by focusing on handwritten journaling. 

I loved doing a lot of micro storytelling this week using paint pens + brush pens on journal cards and vellum. At first I thought I'd do a whole week without photos but decided to add in a couple 3 inch x 4 inch photos and 2, 6 inch x 12 inch photo inserts. Focusing on handwritten stories was such a fun way to switch things up this past week and was right in alignment with how I want to approach this project this year which is more storytelling in the moment vs. waiting for the end of the week to document. 

I'd also like to send out some encouragement today to add your own handwriting to this (or any) of your memory keeping projects. You don't have to do it all the time but the more you do it the more comfortable you might find yourself with your own writing (especially if you are approaching it from a playful + experimental perspective). Play around with combining upper + lower case letters or doing all uppercase. Adding in some different weights of pens can add contract and make it more visually fun. And if you say "nope, not for me" then that's totally okay too! 

Let's dive into the video: 

And here's a look at my week via images: 

This week's spread uses paper and vellum cards from the January 2024 Stories By The Month™.

On the "currently" card I used a brush pen. On the vellum cards I'm using POSCA Paint Pens and Slick Writer pens. 

The bottom card is from Colleen Attara who creates awesome salvaged words + other lovely things.  

I used my Espon XP15000 Printer for two, 6 inch x 12 inch enlargements. I used my iPad + Procreate + an Apple Pencil to write my journaling and then transferred it to the image in Photoshop before printing. You could also write directly onto your photo. 

It's so fun to see a spread full of words! 

One of the photos is a picture of a painted words I did on an art journal page last week. Even taking a photo of text was fun! There are so many different ways to get your own writing into this project (and into the pockets). 

Along the outside edge I added an Avery Index Tab and stamped the date on the paper inside.

Here's what it looks like without the insert:


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8 thoughts

  1. kruth29 says…

    Great ideas with just writing. Love it. Out of curiosity will you be restocking page protectors in your shop, for the 9X12 and 6X12 sizes? I buy your 9X12 albums, which have 4 holes, I know has them but they're for 3 ring 9X12 albums.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! Currently we have all styles of 9x12 in stock (just don't have the mixed pack available). You can see those here: We have two styles of the 6x12 currently available - let me check on those.

  2. laura_g_ says…

    Loving all the text in this week's PL! I just bought the TYPE class and am working my way through it...LOVING IT! I don't do digi scrapping,or have a Silhouette, but there's so many ideas I can "translate" into my own projects...thinking about how to cut out the super LARGE letters 💕 in the week 11 lesson...🤔 Also, there was some cute Dear Lizzy paper with writing all over it...LOVE THAT! I can write out my own to use in my project.😄

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  3. hakrajewski says…

    I’d love to see those 6x12 page protectors come back in stock. No one sells them anymore. I’ve checked, studio calico and even Amazon! I have like 2 left in my stash and I’m so stingy with using them!

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  4. chemgirl says…

    This is one of my all time favorites!

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  5. dawnmi says…

    So fun!! Love it! I do like the idea of writing something about each day too.

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  6. Rinnie says…

    Love this. I am really enjoying using all of the products in the stories by the month kit and love how they all meld together. I am looking forward to the cohesion this year in my album.

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  7. marik53 says…

    Love this, especially bc I tend to write a lot and it's given me new ways to go about doing that and using the materials from the kits. I do have a question: where can I find the week number cards? Love them. Thank you.

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