Project Life® 2024 | Week 07

I'm back from vacation and enthusiastically diving back into Project Life®. In today's post I'm sharing a look at Week 07.

I worked on Week 07 and Week 08 at the same time but decided to break them up into two posts. Week 08 will be shared later this week. 

Let's dive in to the video: 

Here's a look at the spread via images: 

We left for vacation on a Wednesday and returned on a Wednesday so I have images from our trip mixed into both spreads. For Week 07 I decided to use circle label stickers as my repeated embellishment. I don't always repeat just one embellishment style but it can be a wonderfully simple way to create cohesion across your spread. In this case I love how the little circle stickers enable me to add just a little detail to each of my photos. 

This week I decided to go big with a 1/2 circle insert that measures 12 inches tall. I created the half circle in Photoshop and then masked my images inside. On top of the front photo I added memories/phrases I'd collected from our trip (little bits of things I wanted to remember) using Procreate on my iPad before printing. The two 1/2 circles were adhered back to back and holes were punched to add it to the album. 

In addition to the 1/2 circle photos I added a 1/2 circle piece of Grafix Plastic and added a dancing Dave sticker on the front (we went to Mexico to see three Dave Matthews concerts). In the video above you'll see me work through a couple ideas before committing to this. 

This trip is all about relaxation and a whole lot of doing nothing besides concerts on the beach at night. It's a favorite. 

On the second 1/2 circle I added a sticker from Brandi Kincaid's Extravagant Hope subscription

Circle label stickers are from various past collections and I mixed different pen weights for some variety + contrast. The stitched heart and chipboard is from the Savor Story Kit


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2 thoughts

  1. dawnmi says…

    Love it Ali!! Yay for a relaxing fun time away! I like the repetition of circles.

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  2. ahiggins83 says…

    Love the Dave sticker! So fun!! Welcome back and glad you had a great getaway!

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