Project Life® 2024 | Week 09

I think this one is my favorite spreads so far this year! 

And yeah, I saw too late that I added a "3" instead of a "2" (for February) when adding the date to the insert. I'll be fixing that! Thanks for laughing along with me as I get lost in the passage of time. 

Let's dive into the video: 

In the video I also talk a little about how I'm organizing pieces in my stash to help me us more of those things! You can see my archives of organizing posts + videos here. 

And here's a look at the week via images: 

I'm a big fan of design formulas (check out my Start Here: Design Formulas For Memory Keeping workshop) and that's been coming into play at the beginning of each week in my documenting this year. This week I played around with the following formula for three of the 4 inch x 6 inch pockets: pattern card + label for journaling + cork speech bubble with stamped text using our Alphas Are Awesome #9. I love the I don't have to follow the exact formula for all the pockets - I can do just a few to create an anchor design flow. I also used multiple cards from the Punctuation Scrapbook Kit (cut from a 12 inch x 12 inch piece of pattern paper). 

This week I have one insert: 

I shared this photo and story on IG last week and then copied and pasted the story onto the digital version of this paper. Don't forget that when you order the Punctation Scrapbook Kit you get the digital version for free. After printing I cut it out using the parentheses as a guide and used a brad to attach it to the photo of Simon which enables it to twist up to reveal the photo. 

And yeah, I mentioned above that the chipboard date I added is wrong. It should have a "2" and not a "3" - it happens! In addition to those chipboard numbers (which were from the Start Story Kit) I added the stamp that says "we believe in fresh starts" to the other side. 

On the backside I added a photo of me, Aaron and Betty all tangled up + snuggly. I added text before printing and then added a word/phrase sticker on top. 

Here's a look at the spread without the insert: 

I love how the Alphas Are Awesome #9 Set fits perfect on those speech bubbles. I'm using this Kuretake Brush Pen for the bold brush writing. 

Here's what it look like when the cork speech bubbles are twisted up: 

I love the reminder this week that stories come from photos AND stories come from words. This project is long enough that you can have whole weeks that are heavier towards one or the other and it all evens out as you go along. If you feel like more photos, go for it. If the week feels like more words, DO THAT. Play the long game. 

STORY IDEA: Go right now and look at your email inbox. Copy the sender/titles for the first ten emails and paste them onto a journal card to tell a story about right now. This is such an easy and fun way to capture a story in this season. 

Loved how this came together! Hope you have a great week! 


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5 thoughts

  1. Jeannew says…

    I love this so much! The flip-up speech bubbles are great. And such a fun idea on the email story! I stopped getting scrapbook kits because I just have too much product, but now I’m regretting it!

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  2. jlutherdesigns says…

    Another really inspirational page! I love the graphic look of your journaling areas and the pops of yellow. I'm also a huge fan of the page attachers that are currently sold out in the shop, but it came to me during your video that a person could cut off the binding edge (+ a bit to attach it) of a page protector and use it in it's place. We all have that one page protector configuration that rarely gets used and this would be a great use for them.

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  3. ahiggins83 says…

    Love the flip ups! Thanks for sharing some ideas for the Punctuation kit!

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  4. krystalize82 says…

    Love the idea of copy and pasting your recent emails!

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  5. TaraMcK says…

    What was the name of the font you use for type? I know you mentioned it but I couldn’t find it listed. Thanks!

    Reply 0 Replies