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39 Little Things I'm Thankful For Right Now

I was re-reading my Gratitude In The Middle Of The Mess post this morning and figured a public list of things I'm thankful for right now would be a pretty good idea. 

I'm not currently smack dab in the middle of a mess (something to give thanks for right there), but I've been there many times with work, kids ups and downs, divorce, autism, anxiety, new relationships, emotional stuff (why does it all have to happen at the same time), personal expectations, etc. It's nothing different than many of you are facing or have faced and man it can be so hard to see straight when it feels like it's all crashing down around you. And when you're in the middle of the mess sometimes finding something to be thankful for can help change your thought patterns. 

Today I'm sharing 39 little things I'm thankful for simply because I'll be turning 40 later this year and it seems like the perfect number right now. My list includes a random assortment of things I just like or buy or consume or people or memories - really anything that came to mind as I've been brainstorming for the last week or so: 

  1. I'm thankful for honest conversations with true friends who get me and listen to my crazy. 
  2. I'm thankful for spicy hot V8 warmed up in the microwave.
  3. I'm thankful for Haribo gummy bears
  4. I'm thankful for popcorn & cheese & apples for dinner.
  5. I'm thankful for Trader Joe's flower prices & selection. 
  6. I'm thankful for my Kindle. Our relationship has been good. Still lots of paper books on my nightstand, but I'm loving the Kindle option. 
  7. I'm thankful for the way Anna says "I love you" a lot. 
  8. I'm thankful for lemons. One of my favorite scents as well. 
  9. I'm thankful for allergy medication - especially this time of the year. 
  10. I'm thankful for Simon's love of adventures. 
  11. I'm thankful for people who call me on my crap. I look at it as a path to growth - each time it gives me a new chance to choose a different response the next time. 
  12. I'm thankful for Spotify playlists. Right now I'm listening to one called Relax & Unwind. 
  13. I'm thankful for hot baths.
  14. I'm thankful for people who share their stories honestly and with open hearts, even when it's hard. 
  15. I'm thankful for wisteria, lilac, hydrangea, peonies and dahlias - all my favorite things that grow in my yard. 
  16. I'm thankful for Pureology shampoo and conditioner
  17. I'm thankful for all my white dishes. Some from Crate & Barrel and some from JCPenny and some from Target and some from thrift stores. 
  18. I'm thankful that my kids like to read. Simon's needing some prompting right now to get him to pick up a book, but I get how that goes and know he'll find another one soon that interests and excites him. 
  19. I'm thankful for the seamless tunic length Mossimo tank tops from Target.
  20. I'm thankful that I get to work from home. It's not perfect but I'm super thankful for the opportunity. 
  21. I'm thankful for great stories like All The Light We Cannot See (the last book I read on my Kindle).
  22. I'm thankful for pizza parlor pizza. 
  23. I'm thankful for friends I've known for 20+ years who remember all the crazy old stories and still love to laugh about them as much as I do. 
  24. I'm thankful for the opportunity to try to figure some stuff out and whole-heartedly accept the rest. 
  25. I'm thankful that my parents live at the beach and that they are just rad people in general. 
  26. I'm thankful for time to clean up my office. 
  27. I'm thankful for fireplaces. 
  28. I'm thankful for weekend soccer games where I get to watch Anna express the mighty competitive side of herself. 
  29. I'm thankful for post it notes. 
  30. I'm thankful for Uniball Vision Elite pens which continue to be my favorite everyday life pens. 
  31. I'm thankful for getting to start over again each day. 
  32. I'm thankful for Netflix, because really, it's awesome. 
  33. I'm thankful for white towels. 
  34. I'm thankful for deep breaths.
  35. I'm thankful for airplanes that take me to new places. 
  36. I'm thankful for Anna's school and Simon's teachers. 
  37. I'm thankful for the chance to sit on the couch and watch movies with my kids. 
  38. I'm thankful for random texts from far-away (and near) friends saying hi and I'm thinking about you. 
  39. i'm thankful for the chance to be alive. To live this life, even with all the ups and downs. This world is insanely amazing and there is always, always, always something to be thankful for every single day. 

When was the last time you made a list of all the little (and/or big) things you are thankful for in your life right now? 

Have a wonderful week. 

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26 thoughts

  1. SusanBowers says…

    I love the width and length and breath of your gratitude. Gratefulness soothes the heart.

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  2. Cookingmylife says…

    A thankful/gratitude list is always a good thing. I'm thankful for you for reminding me of that. btw, I snagged one of those pens from my husband's pack. They really do flow well.

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  3. Afink26 says…

    Love this list!! We are currently reading All the Light We Cannot See for book club :)

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  4. papergoddess says…

    3. I'm thankful for Haribo gummy bears.

    Me too! I am thankful that you keep it real. This would make a great LO for Type class.

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  5. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    I'm thankful for this post - I am in "crashing down" mode - with a gallon of overwhelmed feelings stirred in. Needed this. Looking for the good today and I know it will show up more than once. We find what we look for.

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  6. aleciaangell says…

    I am thankful for you! Even though I haven't had the chance to see you in WAY to long!

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  7. p7eggyc says…

    This is awesome (also that picture is lovely). Because really, no matter how bad the day is, I can always be grateful for post it notes. Best.Invention.Ever. :) Happy Monday Ali.

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  8. alexandriarosee_ says…

    I love this. I can't explain it, but it makes my heart happy.

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  9. carriecolbert says…

    Every day. Gratitude is so key. Beautiful list.

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  10. Susan_W says…

    Something I do everyday. Long story short...My husband and I started carpooling awhile back. This was hard for me for two reasons- I enjoy my alone time in the car and 2, it seemed like every day I had to spend the drive home listening to all the things that went wrong during his work day. Finally I put my food down and told him that every day when I picked him up from work I wanted him to share 3 good things that happened during that day. What this did was force both of us to search out those things during the whole day because we both knew we had better have 3 things by the time I picked him up. Some days its a challenge. So, its now been 2 years of doing this now. Our drives home have became happier, we laugh a lot on the drive home now, and we are much more in tune every day for the little and big things we are thankful for.

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  11. Jaynescraps says…

    This post really spoke to me Ali. Keep this in mind as your children get older. The teen years can be quite trying. I'm going to make my list right now. Thank you!

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  12. chp97 says…

    I turned 40 about a week ago and the first thing I did on that Saturday morning was make a list of what I am most grateful for in my life. I think it's the beginning of a great new decade but it's taking a little bit of an open mind and kind heart as I adjust to a number that I've always been a little fearful of. Embracing change is good :) thanks for the reminder Ali!

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  13. Bellaa75 says…

    Thanks Ali, love this. I turn 40 on Friday so will do the same thing but with 40 things. I've been trying to think of a way to document the month of May when I turn 40 and this will be a great start! Number one is I'm thankful to be alive, not everyone gets to see 40 :) X

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  14. prairyk says…

    Thanks, Ali! I've kept a gratitude journal at various times in my life, but was not currently doing so—until your post today. I just started one, again. I wish I didn't have to be reminded, but am thankful for the reminder today!

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  15. Michelle06 says…

    I am thankful for you Ali Edwards... I believe you would be profoundly surprised at how you impact my life in ways I cannot put into words...other than to say THANK YOU.

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  16. PlaysWellWithCoffee says…

    I love this :) I'm just starting a blog ( and I'll add this to my list of future post ideas, if that's okay ;)
    Also - I'm drafting my Mother's Day post, which is going to be 50 reasons why I'm grateful for my mom..... try to make that list without tearing up... not possible!!!
    Thank you for making me stop and think today about other things I'm thankful for :)

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  17. scrap_horse says…

    Great list, and lovely photo! I recently got a decorative sign for my dining room that says "There is Always, Always, Always Something to be Thankful For" (from Hobby Lobby). I need to get back to blogging, maybe a Thankful list would be a good place to start!

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  18. tinka323 says…

    Great reminder, Ali....and something I needed right now! xoxo

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  19. Siri says…

    Hi! Great list!

    Would you mind sharing a link to that Spotify playlist?

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      If you search "relax and unwind" you should be able to see it under playlists - it's one created by Spotify.

  20. tm_erin says…

    I trust you've discovered and tried the sour Haribo gummie bears? I sort of wish that I didn't know they existed... ;)

    Thanks for posting this, I'm struggling with some stuff and feeling a bit...swirly and confused...and this list really helped me put some things in perspective.

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  21. kelsterjean says…

    Sometimes I forget to be thankful because I am so busy focusing on the negatives and complaints. I think a list like this is in order, mainly, because we are entering a new chapter as my hubby and I attempt fertility. LOTS to be thankful for in that department!

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