Day In The Life™ | Tuesday, May 12th

Elise asked me when I was going to do a Day In The Life™ again so we're doing it. 

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 12th. 

There's no cost to join in the fun. All you need is a willingness to document a single day in your life from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. Most people do it with a combination of words and photos and a few other fun products added to the mix. The photos that come from this project tend to be some of my favorites. I'm looking forward to doing it again. 

Here's a video we put together about Day In The Life™ last summer for the launch of my new site that might get you excited about documenting your own regular, ordinary everyday: 

Check out more information on my Day In The Life™ project page. You can also see all my past Day In The Life™ posts from my archives

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21 thoughts

  1. donna10 says…

    Yay! My very first Day In The Life. Party time!!!

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  2. JustMel says…

    Looking forward to it!!!

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  3. mtercha says…

    I'm in, too. Do you know what your project will be? I guess maybe you won't know til you look at your photos. Thanks. Michelle t

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  4. Cookingmylife says…

    I think I can do this one! I can handle the "Week in ..." but have never managed "Day in...".

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  5. Yankeegirl says…

    Sounds like great fun, and something I can handle at this point in my life!!

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  6. KARENT72 says…

    looking forward to doing this!!

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  7. StephBaxterX says…

    I haven't done this before but I definitely want to jump on board! I thinking a 4x4 album might be good for this :)

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  8. catchingcodyk says…

    Ohhh yay! I'll have to mark my calendar for this day!

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  9. RhondaN says…

    Perfect day it's my daughters birthday!

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  10. RhondaN says…

    Perfect day it's my daughters birthday!

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  11. Joelaw says…

    what is that in the photo? Granola, honey and what? Crème Fraiche?

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Greek yogurt.

  12. Alismth57 says…

    I'm going to be in Maui that day, but I think I'm still going to document it as my "day in the life." Would be fun to look back on and help remember the trip.

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  13. geordie281 says…

    I'm going to be driving for about 8 hours across outback Australia, so the day probably won't suit me! How many out of the window shots of the Hay Plain can you take? I will probably do the day before as I will be Interstate looking after my 2 year old grandson. I spent a week looking after him in October at the same time as WITL was running and it was really good to document his routine at 20 months, so that I can look back at how quickly things change in the life of a young child. Between last October and this May I'm sure I will see a huge change.

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  14. Gypsy_Chaos says…

    I love that a simple request from a friend prompted you to set this year's date.
    I am considering joining the fun. Not sure; we'll see.

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  15. kmstew02 says…

    Just love this concept! And, LOVE your video....would be totally fun to do a video day in the life too!

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  16. minimd12 says…

    I love this project (even though I've never actually done it). Haha! I'm really feeling the pull this year especially since I just shared it in a post about Why I Love Being a Memory Keeper. No pressure! Thanks for your continued inspiration =)

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  17. ScrapNSplash says…

    Hi Ali, Will you be offering a new layered template for this day? I am looking forward to this prompt. Thanks!

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  18. jvpartlo says…

    Hmm... I will be in Michigan visiting my sister that whole week. May have to choose a different day but we will see!!

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  19. Dreamsofnyssa says…

    I have always thought it would be fun to do this but don't know how it would work for me. Any suggestions on how to participate when cameras are not allowed in the workplace?

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