New Story Theme Now Available | Click

Say hello to a new Story Theme for my Story Subscription Program: Click

I can't believe a new month has come around already and we are in mid-April 2015. Crazy. 

This month we are telling stories of some of our favorite photographs, stories of our relationship and history with photography and pictures, stories of times when things just clicked, and stories of the people we click with best. 

If you are already a subscriber to you can now access the content in the classroom ( make sure you are logged in to your account). 

If you are new to the Story Subscription program, check out all the details  here

Here's a look at the Story Kit™ contents:

And the Story Stamp™:

We also have a  Digital Story Kit™ subscription available that includes access to the classroom content. 

Here's a look at what's included for Click:

Here's a video overview of the products included in the kits this month: 

Story Stamp™ & Story Kit™ | Click Product Overview from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

And a couple peeks at the layouts I created with the kits this month ( full details, including video and how-to handout, are included with subscription): 

Let's tell stories together!

REMINDER | There's less than a week until my new 12-week workshop Type gets underway (begins April 20th). Get all the details and register here

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29 thoughts

  1. NatashaP says…

    This is another great kit! I am very keen to see what myself and others use the pie pieces for. But still don't quite get why some of the words are cut off on the cards. I know you have designed this way but don't get it. Natasha

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  2. Bellaa75 says…

    Just about to check it out but the first thing I noticed was that favourite was spelt different to how we spell it in Australia :( Disappointed about that but not sure what the solution would have been :( I think because that stamp is so big it stands out to me.

    Reply 6 Replies
    1. mdith4him says…

      Could you mask it? Stamp "FAVO" then mask the very top of the O so it looks like a U and stamp the rest?

    2. kathyb says…

      Sounds like a great idea. We need the 'u' in favourite in the UK too.

    3. Brenna says…

      Canada too!

    4. Bellaa75 says…

      Thanks for the idea but the u would look shorter. Not sure what I will do.

    5. NatashaP says…

      Hi, yes would love the other spelling for us down under as well. Even if it's just in the digital form. Thanks

    6. mdith4him says…

      Maybe use a black pen to carefully fill in the bit at the top?

  3. DeniseNoe says…

    Love it! Can't wait until it's heeeerrrreee!

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  4. jstahl says…

    Bravo Ali Edwards, Bravo. As always.

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  5. ellenchatfield says…

    So excited about this theme! Seriously loving the quality of product, the items included, and the classroom content for each of the monthly kits.

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  6. skant says…

    How did you know that my main goal for the month was learning to take and have fun with photos? Because of a progressive disability, my arms are fused by my sides. I've missed taking pictures myself for many yeas. Now that selfie sticks exist, I'm determined to try--using my stick as an extension of my arms. My best friend will be visiting from Brazil, so I'm sure we'll have lots of fun worth documenting.

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  7. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Wow, am I looking forward to receiving my stamps! What an awesome collection this month!

    Reply 0 Replies
  8. nvarner says…

    Ali I love all of your kits.... This was one is especially awesome!! Can't wait to get it!!
    Question for you... Is there any way to make all the videos for story kit and upcoming classes like type downloadable?? That way we can listen when we travel or are in places without wifi without having to incur streaming costs. It would be so hugely appreciated and would really help some of us stay on top of listening to every morsel of goodness you put out there for us!!! Food for thought that I know a few of us would really appreciate!! Thank you!!

    Reply 0 Replies
  9. Inkfanatic says…

    Okay, I knew I would be excited for this theme...but I am blown away by the kit & stamp for this month!!! Whoo hoooooo!! Sooooo glad I subscribed! Can't wait to get this to play with!!

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  10. pierek14 says…

    Another remarkable kit Ali, absolutely love, love, love it.

    Reply 0 Replies
  11. adawson816 says…

    I already ordered the kit - but then on a re-read I noticed the comment about the wait list. Does that mean I won't be getting a kit at all?

    Reply 3 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi - there is no waiting list at this time. Can you tell me more about where that was communicated to you?

    2. AliEdwards says…

      Found it! My mistake in the post above - no waiting list at this time :).

    3. adawson816 says…

      Thanks for checking! Received a shipping notification today, can't wait!

  12. simplyautumn says…

    I LOVE this so much ALI! Your photos are amazing -- and so are your pages. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

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  13. stkong7 says…

    Gorgeous kit. Can't wait to get it. Love all the supplemental tools you provide with these kits. We have no excuse :)

    Reply 0 Replies
  14. helenhigh says…


    Love your story kits. . .they encourage such creativity. Although I'm not in a space to get take advantage of the subscription, I am looking forward to next month's story kit. . .I will definitely be ordering it.

    Thank you for the work you do. . .it inspires me to keep with memory keeping.

    Reply 0 Replies
  15. shannon80 says…

    Once again a universal and amazing kit. The contents is so flexible to use in so many products. The plastic word is always my fave but the big camera wood veeneer die - Oh gosh. LOVE LOVE

    Reply 0 Replies
  16. pierek14 says…

    I love each of your story kits but this is by far my favorite one. I love photography and this totally captures how I tell my story. Thanks again for something amazing.

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