AE Digital Creative Team | Me Digital Story Kit™

Happy Friday!

Today we're sharing awesome layouts made by our Digital Creative Team using the Me Digital Story Kit™.

Be sure to check out our  Creative Team Gallery where you can go to see how the team is crafting their stories using AE products - including additional images from the projects we are sharing below. We'll be updating it a couple times a month.

This month the team is sharing stories they crafted using the Me Digital Story Kit™. Today is the last day to start a subscription to receive this current theme. Remember that all subscriptions, including the digital subscription, includes a classroom with specific ideas for working with each theme.

Just a heads up again that most of my team uses the digital kit to create paper projects - meaning they print out the digital pieces and add them to paper layouts/pockets (vs. completely digital projects).

Brandi Kincaid

Jen Schow

Pam Baldwin

Sarah Zayas

Jen Carlson

Ingunn Markiewicz

Emma Speller

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Check out the Creative Team Gallery for more detailed photos of each members projects.

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11 thoughts

  1. iScrap says…

    I love all of these - so many great ideas for using the kit!

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  2. TerryB says…

    Love them all!

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  3. mtercha says…

    Beautiful, meaningful projects. Thank you, everyone, for sharing them. Super inspiring. Michelle t

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  4. audmac says…

    Ali, not sure where to ask, however are there any plans to restock any of the DD STAMPS? Sorry if I missed it somewhere. I'm interested in the Christmas Phrases. Thanks!

    Reply 3 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Yep! Some of them are going to be restocked and that should happen in early November.

    2. audmac says…

      Great to hear! Thanks for the quick response!

    3. AliEdwards says…
  5. hgauvin says…

    All of these layouts are beautiful and so inspirational!

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  6. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Each layout tells a great story!

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  7. whitehart says…

    So pretty! And I love how her portrait is being uncovered on the left spread, genius idea!

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  8. mrauch18 says…

    are past digital Story kits available for sale individually? Specifically "ME" & "Time"?

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