Day In The Life™ | October 2016

Today I'm sharing my last Day In The Life™ documentation for 2016. 

This process - doing the project three times this year all inside my Project Life® album - worked really well so we are going to plan three new mini kits for 2017. The timelines for the documentation days will likely be similar to what it was this year - every couple of months. 

You can check out my two other days for 2016 here: March and July. And check out my Day In The Life™ archives of past years here

For this round of the project I used the Day In The Life™ Mini Kit No. 3 along with other products from my shop including the Word Phrase Sticker Bundle, the Phrases Roller Stamp, and 6x8 page protectors

If you are a digital/hybrid memory keeper you can also grad this kit digitally here

This Day In The Life™ project fits as an insert within my Week 43 of Project Life®: 

My focus for this round was to document something I was thankful for each hour. It was a really nice lens through which to approach my documentation for the day - loved having a specific theme to focus on and a limited number of photos to take based on the hours I was awake. 

This time I decided to use three 6x8 page protectors to hold my photos and stories. I also decided to print out all my photos with the journaling along the bottom and cropped to 3x4. I used Photoshop to maintain consistency of size and type. My photos ended up being 3x3 with a 1-inch white section on the bottom for my words - all posted on Instagram on the actual day - and simply copied and pasted into Photoshop before printing. 

Here's a look at those 6x8 page protectors outside the album (front and back): 

On each photo for my inserts I added a phase from the white sheet in the Word Phrase Sticker Bundle. If there was very much white space underneath my text I added some folded over washi tape. These tapes have been in my drawer for a long time so I don't have a specific source for where they came from. I like diagonal stripes. 

Along the edge of each page I added an Avery Index Tab with a stamp on the inside paper using the Phrases Roller Stamp. Ink colors used are PendletonBlack Butte, and Olympia.

The variable for each page (front and back) was my "filler" content. 

For the first page I hand-cut the "Day In The Life™" circle from one of the 3x4 cards from the kit. I paired that with one of the small gold foil circles and a "thursday" sticker from the Word Phrase Sticker Bundle

On the back of those pieces I cut out a second matching circle from one of the pattern cards and added the "stories" gold foil circle. In my stash I had an old wood veneer number 28 from a past December Daily® kit. I embossed that using Zing Butter Embossing Powder. 

For the second insert I simply added - in addition to my photos + words - 3x4 pattern cards from the kit (one is cut down from a 4x6) + one of the small circles with gold foil text. 

For the third insert I adhere two of the circles back to back and stapled them to the page protector from the outside using a Tiny Attacher

On the last page, since I was out of photos from the day itself - I printed out a 6x8 photo of a tree in my backyard and cut it into 3x4 pieces and slipped it into the pockets. 

Here's a look at each side of the page protectors individually along with the album: 

I love see-through stuff. 

The font I used for my journaling is Sentinel. I love simply using the bold version of the typeface for the hours. 

I really liked the addition of the washi tape along the bottom - just a nice pop of color. 

When I'm putting together a project like this I like to set myself up for success by following some kind of a formula. In this case the formula was made up of the same sized photos + journaling + a white phrase sticker + sometimes washi tape. Not having to reinvent the wheel with each photo made the process easier. 

Loving how it turned out. 

Another see-through pocket. 

And a few shots of Project Life® Week 43: 

 I used cards from the No. 3 kit mixed into my week. 

I also used some more of my Fall Favorites Journal Cards

Thanks for playing along with this project in 2016! Looking forward to telling more stories with you in 2017!

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17 thoughts

  1. inkyshark says…

    Great week card. Like your plan for success and the way it makes it all flow. Love the colours and the pop of washi too.

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  2. hgauvin says…

    Love this sentence: "Not having to reinvent the wheel with each photo made the process easier". That's my plan for DD this year. I like how you add your DITL to PL. I might take that route next year. Great job!

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. Davida says…

    Love how it turned out. I have all my photos - just need to put it all together. Feeling inspired after reading your post and SO happy I bought the phrase sticker bundle and the roller stamp..seriously though - could you just auto-ship me new product releases - that would save me time ;) Ha!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. katevdp says…

    Oh how I love Ben Folds! Awesome concert to take the kids too. He used to tour Australia quite regularly, but not so much these days. I miss him

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. Yuka says…

    It was a great idea to focus on 'gratitude' stories hourly. I'm so excited you are going to have 3 DITL again next year because I always enjoy playing along!

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. ciahansen says…

    Is the 28 for the date or something else? I thought DITL was on Oct. 27 this year.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Yeah. For some reason I kept getting confused about the actual date - I think it was because I was printing photos for the week + looking at dates that way at the same time I was working on the photos for the specific day. Time to replace. Thanks for catching that.

  7. birdnscrap says…

    I also put my DITL into my Project Life album. I used all 3 x 4 photos also and was able to fit it all into one page protector. For the 4 x 6 pockets, I put two photos side by side. It came out great. Love your gratitudes. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Reply 0 Replies
  8. Jeannew says…

    As always, so awesome! Mine is all ready. Just need to print the pictures!

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  9. lindalovescreating says…

    Love this, so inspiring! Just wondering, are you planning on doing a separate post on this project life spread, or is there a reason you didn't include photos of the right side/full spread? I'd love to see... all of your projects are so great!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! Only reason I didn't include the other side was that my photos were blurry and I didn't have time to reshoot before I wanted to post this :).

  10. bravelove says…

    Love this all so much! I have this kit still wrapped up in its packaging. It's been a busy couple months.
    Now I am so inspired to finally pick a day and document!!!

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  11. uvistas says…

    Thanks. I really liked the addition of the washi tape along the bottom - just a nice pop of color. el clasico live stream

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  12. WatsonZion says…

    Cherish how it turned out. I have all my photographs simply need to assemble it all. Feeling propelled subsequent to perusing your post thus cheerful I purchased the expression sticker package and the roller stamp genuinely however might you be able to simply auto-deliver me new item discharges that would spare personal time.

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  13. ahmerali says…

    Love how it turned out. I have all my photos - just need to put it all together. Feeling inspired after reading your post and SO happy I bought the phrase sticker bundle and the roller stamp.

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  14. himanshu123 says…

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