Halloween 2016

All kinds of fun and celebration happened here last night. So much so that I didn't get as many photos as I usually do because I was in the middle of the fun. I was cooking and laughing and chatting and drinking and monitoring and encouraging and lighting and opening the door. 

I love having friends over for Halloween and last night was our biggest gathering yet. It helps that we've had four more people move in to our home and that some of their friends decided to join us too. It was a crazy crew of kids and adults and various characters. We ate chili (I make the same thing every year) and corn bread (love you Kim) and passed out bag after bag of candy. 

I continue to be a fan of carving pumpkins and none of my kids like it. Ha. Too messy and mooshy. This year I carved eight of them. I still have a dream to go really crazy and have them all lined up and down the pathway from the street to the house. 

This year I also tried something new that I found on Pinterestfloating witches hats from polkadotchair.com. I ordered 15 simple black witches hats from Amazon and used glow sticks inside. Unfortunately the glow sticks weren't bright enough to see even any light in the darkness but the hats still looked super cool just hanging there. Next year I'll try the LED lights (mentioned in her blog post) or tea lights or something else and see if that works better. 

The weather was awesome this year - especially compared to last year when it rained the whole night. 

As you can see construction has started on my house to create an additional bedroom (out of existing space outside my office). Yesterday they broke through the roof to make room for a new dormer which will hold a new hallway into my office. We definitely joked about having something coming out of that hole in the roof for the evening. 

This year I decided to be a witch. Last year I was good and this year I was bad. Dressing up is fun. 

Shoessocks from Amazon. 

The kids + friends loved the hanging witches hats. 

The Ackerman's were here again. Love that they keep showing up year after year. 

Next year I want to make it a priority to get more group shots like this.

Aaron contributed his fog machine to our craziness. It definitely contributed to the ambiance of the evening. 

The witch and the mayor and a character from Ever After High and one of our baskets of candy. I wore the same wig that Simon wore last year for his Doc Brown costume. I considered the green face paint for a more authentic Witch Of The West but decided to keep it simple. 

So many kids in the neighborhood last night. The girls all went out together with some of the adults and saw other friends along the way who joined the group. Isaac & Elliot and their friends went out on their own and were the first ones back to go through their stash and trade with each other (Elliott and Isaac were "scary" guys). Simon (who I didn't get a single photo of) was a "western guy" and went out with Chris and Tiffany (who had awesome Elf On The Shelf costumes). I stayed back at the house with my friend Kim and Katie to give out candy and chat and hold down the fort.

A busy day and night that definitely included falling into bed with tired feet at the end of the day after everyone was safe and sound in their beds. 

Halloween Outline Banners word art used on the top image available here.

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26 thoughts

  1. jeley2 says…

    Love seeing this post each year and hearin how your traditions change, and how they stay the same. Looks like a great year this year.

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  2. k8scraps says…

    Those shoes are totally awesome!!!!!


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  3. Northrigg says…

    Thanks Ali for sharing. I love the hats and your costume and all that carving ...totally worth it!

    Finger lights from Amazon might do the trick for the hats. They come in all different colors and you could probably sew them in easily.

    They are bright and even better you can also give out as treats ! I did glow sticks this year, I'm going back to finger lights.

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  4. mtercha says…

    Great photos. I see so much fun and happiness, and especially love, there. Michelle t

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  5. hgauvin says…

    When we moved 14 years ago, we didn't realize that our location doesn't lend itself to trick-or-treaters so it's fun for me to live vicariously through your Halloween blog posts. Love the costumes and the decorations!

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  6. MrsKnight says…

    We don't get trick or treaters either- so I too love seeing this. I ALSO didn't get my standard Halloween shot of my kids this year. I started working full time again- and the overlapping chaos of that plus completely forgetting how early it gets dark spoiled that. Oh well. Love the witch costume. Amazoning that for next year!

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  7. papergoddess says…

    I love carving pumpkins too, but dang 8! that's a lot of manual labor. ha. So fun, thanks for sharing.

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  8. dyna says…

    Wondering where you got your top and skirt for your costume. Gotta order the shoes for next year.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      All from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2f9ZcFQ

  9. nicolemartel654 says…

    Totally fun photos and I LOVE the hanging witch hats. Very cool.

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  10. Mmshughes says…

    I absolutely love your costume & the floating witches hats! I can't wait to try the hats on my front porch next year - our house is being built now and the front porch will be perfect for it!

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  11. Pnutsmom says…

    Someday you need to visit Greenfield Village (in Dearborn Michigan) during October. Or ...maybe retire there??? Every year, they carve 900 + pumpkins to line the park walks during their Halloween night events.

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