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AE Digital Creative Team | Up & Surprise Digital Story Kits™

Today we're sharing awesome layouts made by our Digital Creative Team using both the Up (no longer available) and Surprise Digital Story Kits™.

Be sure to check out our Creative Team Gallery where you can go to see how the team is crafting their stories using AE products - including additional images from the projects we are sharing below. We'll be updating it a couple times a month.

This month the team is sharing stories they crafted using the Up &  Surprise Digital Story Kits™. Tomorrow is the last day to start a subscription to receive the Surprise theme (Up is no longer available). Remember that all subscriptions, including the digital subscription, includes a classroom with specific ideas for working with each theme.

Just a heads up again that most of my team use the digital kits to create paper projects - meaning they print out the digital pieces and add them to paper layouts/pockets (vs. completely digital projects).

Brandi Kincaid

Emma Speller

Ingunn Markiewicz

Jen Carlson

Jen Schow

Pam Baldwin

Sarah Zayas

Kelsey McEvoy

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6 thoughts

  1. dawnnikol says…

    Your CT is always amazing, Ali. Fantastic job!

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  2. ScrappinMyHeartOut says…

    Each layout is special. Thanks for so many ideas for using your awesome products!

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  3. mugsie says…

    Hi Ali, no sure where to find this answer ... is there a way I can change that free "Christmas Memories" PNG card in photoshop? It's perfect for a photo I have to document the story. I have it open in Photoshop, opened image, change canvas size but I can't figure it out :) (I was hoping to make it 6x8") thanks!! Meg xo

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  4. Northrigg says…

    Thanks for posting Katie!

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  5. ChelseyMartines says…

    I'm a real fan of your blog. I like everything connected with creativity. Each layout gives so many ideas. Sometimes it' hard to do something because you understand that it had once been. Here I can get inspiration. Besides, if some of you looking for really cool stuff here ( ) you can find it. Thank you for your great blog.

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  6. komalvarshney says…

    You have a nice and creative effect, you know what calendar is good for time management,

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