February 2018 Digital Release

Happy Saturday! New digital products for February are now available. 

This month's releases include a new Digital Stories By The Month™ Digital Kit (this will become a physical kit for next year's Stories By The Month™ Physical Subscription), and the For The Love Digital Story Stamp™, 

UPDATE: Moving forward we will be referring to our "Monthly Digital Kits" kits (this is what we called them as they were released each month in 2017) as our Digital Stories By The Month™ Kits. These digital kits will be released monthly and these designs will turn into the physical products for the subscription program and will be released in 2019. 

At this time we are not offering Digital Stories By The Month™ Kits as a subscription option. 

In case you missed the announcement about our new physical Stories By The Month™ Subscription you can read about that here. That subscription is currently on a Waiting List - please sign up if you are interested and we will active you at the first available opportunity. 


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4 thoughts

  1. scrapfin1 says…

    I love the new physical story stamp sets and look forward to this one next January. My suggestion would be to include the entire stamp show and not take some out for $. I would not mind paying a few extra dollars to get the whole stamp.

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  2. PoochPatrol says…

    I would love to see in the physical kit the card that says "February stories" as well as in the digital. Since it is a monthly themed kit, it would be great to have a monthly card included. Some people scrapbook as monthly, not weekly and it would add a lovely sense of continuity.

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      This will be the physical kit in 2019.

    2. PoochPatrol says…

      Thanks for the answer, Ali. Looking forward to it!