December Daily® 2019 | Completed Album

As we move into December Daily® season for 2020 I wanted to share a full walkthrough of my completed 2019 album. 

I loved using the 4x6 last year and loved working primarily outside of the page protectors (I'll be doing that a bunch in my 6x8 album for 2020 as well). 

Check out the 2020 December Daily® Collection here

Also, if you need inspiration for finishing up your own past December Daily® album you can follow the hashtag #donebydecember on Instagram as members of my Creative Team share how they are working on finishing up their December Daily® projects from past years. You are not alone if you have unfinished projects and we are here to help you get your stories told!

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4 thoughts

  1. djarfemiano says…

    I think #donebydecember is a wonderful thing. I almost never have my album done before the new supplies arrive. I have 5 more days for 2019, and then I will tackle my unfinished 2018, 2014, and if I'm really on a roll I'll get to my 2009 album! Thank you AE team for encouraging and inspiring all of us.

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  2. Laurie_Anne says…

    Oh my! This is my favourite DD album ever! This is the one I have to finish by December! You did a beautiful job! I can’t wait to see what 2020 DD will look like (this is the first year I didn’t buy a kit so I can use up older stuff!). Really just appreciate all you do!
    Thx! Laurie

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  3. ally_angel66 says…

    OMG Ali - you album is incredible! You are such a beautiful scrapbooker! You have the most imaginative and inspiring albums! Thank you for the share :)

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  4. mollyirwin says…

    Hello, friend. Love this little album, and missing those days when I would take the time to make one myself. All I can say for this year is ... we shall see. God bless!

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