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Join Us For "Pieces Of The Past" Next Week

Quick reminder that you are invited to join Ali next week as she embarks on the next chapter in our Pieces Of Life project: Pieces Of The Past

Pieces Of Life is a project that consists of two different themes each year. Our first theme for 2022 is Pieces Of The Past and our second theme later this year will be Pieces Of Play. Past themes include Pieces Of Me and Pieces Of Home

Each project consists of seven storytelling prompts - one for each day over the course of the week. Ali has been using notebooks to document these stories but you can choose your own adventure and simply share these prompts on Instagram, in a traditional scrapbook, in pocket pages, or even in a personal journal. 

For Pieces Of The Past the prompts will be as follows: 

  • Monday: Family Of Origin
    Where did you come from? What did your family look like when you were growing up? Who was part of your immediate family? 
  • Tuesday: Most Loved Toy
    What was the toy you loved the most when you were a kid? Which one (or what style of toy) did you play with again and again?
  • Wednesday: A Childhood Adventure
    Close your eyes and think back to your childhood to remember an adventure. It might have been indoors or outside. Write it down. 
  • Thursday: Education
    Document a few memories about going to school. You might focus on early school or high school or even later. Consider simply constructing a list that includes names of schools you attended while growing up. 
  • Friday: A Challenging Chapter
    Everyone has pieces of their past that are challenging. Reflect back on a piece of your past that was hard (maybe when you were a kid or maybe later). What did you learn from that challenging chapter that impacts the person you are today? 
  • Saturday: Best Childhood Memory
    When you think back to your past, what is your favorite memory of growing up? Who was it with? Where did it happen? What was going on? 
  • Sunday: Looking Back I See
    Print out a photo of your childhood self (if you have access to one or simply picture yourself in your mind) and use the prompt "looking back I see" to reflect on who you were at that point in time. What kindness can you show your younger self? 

As Ali states in the "thoughts on the prompts" section of the notebook: 

We all have a story. This practice is a wonderful opportunity to focus on some pieces of your past that make up the chapters of your life. Enjoy this chance to look back and tell a little more of your own personal story. No photos for some or all of these prompts? No problem. Do an internet search for a favorite toy (or draw a picture) or take a photo of something that reminds you of that time or event or use pattern papers to illustrate your story. You've got this!

Here's a video from Ali inviting you to participate, reviewing the prompts, and sharing some ideas related to this project: 


We do have some of the notebooks available either in the physical or digital version if you'd like to collect your stories in that format. The Pieces Of The Past stamp set is sold out but we do have a digital version here

Ali's also put together a printable PDF in case notebook documenting isn't the method you'd like to use for this project and you'd like to have a place to jot down notes or your story. 

Download the Pieces Of The Past one page PDF here.

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1 thought

  1. g_scrapped says…

    Dear Ali,
    thank you for your ideas to craft stories of the past. There are no photos in my stash of the time I was small, to take photos was not important for my parents. So pieces of the past wasn`t a project for me - until now! I think, the memories are on my mind, you gave me the impetus to think about, and maybe it will become a project...
    Dearest greetings

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