Scrapbook Basics: Telling Stories In Notebooks

One of the requests I recently received was to do a video showing a bunch of the notebooks I've used for memory keeping over the last few years. 

Today's video includes a walk-throughs of eight different notebooks. Some were for travel, some have been shared in workshops, and some are for specific projects with a beginning and an end. 

As you'll hear me mention in the video, I wasn't an early adopter of this memory keeping style. I resisted for quite awhile because I didn't feel like I needed another format. In 2020 I decided to try one out and ended up loving this method for a variety of reasons. I love that they feel like the perfect, simple place for combining words, photos and just a few embellishments. I love that they are a great place to play with stamps and to use some of those pretty pattern papers from my stash.

As you'll see in the video I've got a few go-to ways I often tell stories in notebooks and am excited to be starting a new one to document what's happening in my yard this year.  

Want to participate in an upcoming notebook project? I'll be embarking on the Pieces Of The Past documenting project the week of April 4th. More details here

Let's dive in: 


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5 thoughts

  1. achaffin39 says…

    I totally agree. I also didn't "get" this format at first, but I played along last summer with the summer notebook. I love looking back through it now. Small stories, lots of photos. I took a TN with me on vacation last August, and it's also one of my favorite projects. Love capturing the stories as I'm traveling. I also just did a "Here 5 Things" with Liz Layne last month. It was a great opportunity to look at every page as a new project. I used so much of my stash and felt zero pressure to make things "match" like a bigger project. This size is a great opportunity to just play, which I have found to be difficult in the bigger sizes.

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  2. gr8scraps says…

    I was so happy when you did that TN in your 2018 DD. At that time, I had just started getting interested in that size but really didn't know where to start. So, when I saw you do it, I, too wanted to put one together. I love that it's easy, fast and meaningful. I made one a couple of years ago to document what I planted in my yard; similar to the one you're doing this year. I also love the Pieces of Life. Thanks for experimenting with them and sharing with us.

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  3. Elizabeth256 says…

    I've used a Midori Travelers Notebook calendar for about 10 years and I keep another annual book to record hikes, books read, sewing/knitting projects. For the past year I have started dabbling with memory keeping and the small, familiar size seems more approachable to me as someone new to this craft. One question, where did you get that amazing pocket to store a notebook in an album ?

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  4. Jeannew says…

    Loved seeing these! It got me looking back at my notebooks. I loved the Empty nest class and my summer stories TN. I’m going to do another one this year.

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  5. ciahansen says…

    Really loved this video and seeing all your notebooks together. So inspiring to just make something and be okay with the notebook not filling up. Thank you. Are you going to do another "Art of Noticing" notebook in a new color?

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