Pieces Of The Past 2022 | Prompt 01 : Family Of Origin

Originally I was intending to share all my Pieces Of The Past stories at the end of the week but had some time + space today so I decided to get it all uploaded and into a post. 

One of the things I love about this project is it can be as crafty or as simple as you want it to be. Use these prompts simply as a jumping off point and go deeper or wider and/or whatever makes sense for you in your life right now. You might want to write a whole lot more or less. You might have photos or you might not have photos. You might just want to write and do nothing else. 

My hope is to simply spark some stories and encourage you to write them down. 

Something I mention in the video below is that when I'm diving into a project like this I have zero intention that this will be the be-all-end-all story of my family of origin (or whatever the prompt may be). I'm simply showing up today to tell one story - one story of many about my own family. I'm choosing this time to focus on a few facts but other stories I tell this week may be much more rooted in feelings. Let go of the feeling that the story you write today needs to be perfect or the best or the most comprehensive. 

As always, there isn't a right or a wrong way to approach these stories. 

Here's a look at my process in the notebook for this first prompt via video: 

Here's how I decided to approach today's prompt: 

As you'll see in the video I changed my mind a couple times during the process of telling this story. Initially I was planning to just handwrite some details below the photo but once I had that part done I didn't love the end result which invited me to consider another alternative. 

I ended up cutting the notebook page in half, right along the line at the bottom of the section that says "prompt: family of origin." By cutting that page in half I was able to create a 1/2 page that became home for more details about my family when it's opened up (and gave me a second chance on the design using the "we are" stamp). 

Pattern paper here is from the Circle Scrapbook Kit and I made my own pattern paper to cover up the bottom of the notebook page using white cardstock, Tim Holtz Scattered Shutters ink, and the "we are" stamp from the This Is Us 4x6 stamp set. The "every family has a story" half circle is from my stash and was originally an Add On to the Family Story Kit. Around the outside edge of the circle I stamped "pieces of my history" from the Pieces Of Me Stamp Set. On top of the photo of my family I added puffy number stickers and a small chipboard star above my head. I also stamped "looking back" from the Pieces Of The Past stamp set (digital version available) on white cardstock and hand cut it out. 

The top portion with the family photo was adhered to the next page in the notebook. I also added three small chipboard stars to tie it all together. I also added a small tab sticker along the top of the page that turns. 

For the inside I came over to my computer (after measuring that the space would be about 8.5 inches wide x almost 4 inches tall) and set up a grid to hold the content I wanted to include about my family. You can see what I included in each based on what I included in the section about me. I used the Numbers 6x8 Stamp Set (first available with December Daily® last year) to designate who was who (and yes I totally loved that the stamped font is the same as the puffy number stickers). 

I added the date of today next to the prompt title. Font used here is Secret Service Typewriter.

Next up: Most Loved Toy


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3 thoughts

  1. daslebenistbunt says…

    Love, love, love the idea of the "flip-open"!

    At the moment I am writing down my pieces and gathering photos - playing along this time and not waiting for the journal to arrive.
    Will put it all in the journal as soon as it arrives here in Germany.

    As always: thanks for all the inspiration of telling our stories!

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  2. BSAW15 says…

    Hi Ali,

    Could you do a video of how you set up the grid in photoshop? And also how to print with text in a border in photoshop. I have googled and never been able to find a how to video that has worked for me.

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. hgauvin says…

    LOVE how that turned out with the half open page!

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