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Done By December | Special Guest Nolana Lynch

Hi Everyone! Happy December! I am so very excited for this season and I am so grateful to be here with you on the blog! December is in full swing and I am here for it all! 

I am excited to share my Done by December update with you. 

One of the things I wanted to do before December 2022, was complete my “Baby’s First Christmas” albums for ourselves, my parents and my in-laws. 

I completed the first one for my mom before November 10th because I wanted to give it to her as a gift before she returned home (she’d been visiting with us for a couple months). 

Here is a video of my completed album.

I was so elated that I got through the first one, but also SUPERRR EAGER to play with this year’s collection and begin working on my foundation pages for December Daily. 

I decided that following that first album, the only really time sensitive one, I would work on my 2022 December Daily for the rest of the year (I typically finish by Boxing Day ish – so that I can enjoy the rest of End of Year festivities – which to be honest sometimes feel like more than the first 23 days of December combined lol).

You are welcome to check out my 2022 foundation pages here

Then, once I wrap up my 2022 pages, I will continue on with the other two albums during the course of the year. Starting with the one for my in-laws, they are visiting for the holidays, but return home on the 2nd January, so I am thinking that would be a bit too tight a deadline lol, and I do want to savour the rest of the process, seeing that they are in Australia (versus on the other side of the world, like my mom) – and we see them more often, there would be a few opportunities to deliver it in person or post it at a fairly reasonable cost. 

Then I will move on to the one for ourselves, especially when I need a bit more Christmas cheer during the year lol (perhaps Christmas in July). 

Thanks so very much for checking in – you may see all my December Daily and Done by December videos in this playlist

I do hope to connect with you, you can find me here on Instagram and here on Youtube

Happy Holidays to you and yours and wishing you a most beautiful December documenting journey (no matter what time of year you choose to document 😊)

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5 thoughts

  1. Frenchie says…

    These are all so beautiful, Nolana!

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    1. Nolana says…

      Thanks so much Frenchie :-)

  2. mshanhun says…

    Oh I just love your pages. How fun to see another Aussie christmas! Also, what lovely gifts!

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. jmaddox says…


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