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Hello friends! This is Denine Zielinski. I’m excited to share some ideas with you for how I plan to use the Labels Quarterly Scrapbook Kit. With a variety of 12x12 and 7x8.25 papers, as well as some label embellishments, this kit  is great for a wide variety of stories. I have created some sketches to share with you here today and some ideas to go along with them. Plus, don’t forget that the digital kit comes along with the physical products for even more possibilities. Let’s get started with my video, and I've also broken down each of my ideas below. 


My first idea is for the 12x12 paper with the pastel labels. I love this label shape so much, and I also love how they are overlapping each other. My plan is to cut this down to fit in my 6x8 album. In my video, you can see how I use a 7x8.25 piece of craft plastic to determine where I want to cut a patterned paper like this. The labels can then be filled with photos, journaling, or embellishments to go with your story. The Plastic Labels that come in the kit would really pop off the page coupled with the pastel colors on the paper. I want to try to cut out a few photos in the shape of the labels and add them with foam squares. I plan to pair this with a full-page photo. This paper also can be used as is for a 12x12 page  using the same ideas. I’m not quite sure what story I will tell, but here are some ideas that I’m considering:

  • A story about me 
  • A fancy event (wedding, shower, dance, etc.) 
  • Things that bring me joy


For this page idea, I want to use the 12x12 Circle Label paper. WOW! So many awesome circles to choose from. I’m thinking about using the circles labeled 1, 2, and 3 (either the numbers or the written ones) to document three things about my job that bring me joy. That may change, though, but any three things would work well. I will add some stamping in the bottom halves of the circles and some journaling directly on the page. Other ideas could include:

  • Your favorite quotes and why (paired with a photo of yourself…your story matters) 
  • Three beautiful things about your day 
  • Three things you love about yourself (don’t be modest. You are awesome. Tell the world)


This 7x8.25 Mixed Media paper is so super cool. I immediately thought of cutting out the labels from the 7x8.25 Rectangle Labels paper and adding them in a staggered line down the middle of the page. A photo collage on the opposite page would be great. I would number each photo and then stamp numbers on each label before I add my journaling. Since the digital file comes with the kit, I might also just do two pages of stacked labels on the Mixed Media paper. No photo needed, right? Perhaps some thoughts about where you are in life right now or maybe a bucket list. Other ideas might be:

  • A group photo and what you love about each person 
  • A photo collage and “currently” stories 
  • A list of gratitudes 
  • A top five list or a top ten list if you do 2 pages


The Pastel Label 7x8.25 paper can totally be used as is…a perfect home for your stories and photos. I like to cut things out, so I will do that and then adhere the labels to another background using foam squares. Love that dimension! I could use other patterned papers from the physical kit as backgrounds (I’m good with different patterned backgrounds in the same spread) OR I could print out one of those papers from the digital kit to keep the backgrounds the same. I’m also planning on cutting my photos to the shape of the labels to keep them consistent. I’m thinking this would be great for photos of an evening with friends. You could also document:

  • Favorite shows/movies and why 
  • Same photo/different dates (I’m thinking me and my son in different years) 
  • Monthly round up


This 12x12 Love Pattern paper would be great as a background for a page as is if you scrapbook 12x12. If you’re like me, and you want to do 6x8, it would be easy to trim down. I plan to add a small photo in the corner so more of the paper shows on my spread. Of course, it would also look great with a larger photo or several smaller ones.  For the second page, I want to use the 12x12 Watercolor Dot paper as the home for my journaling on a few of the Die Cut Labels in the kit. Perhaps, I will also mix an additional photo or two with those labels, as well. Use some foam squares to “pop” a few of the labels off the page! I’m thinking of doing a spread about someone I love. Here’s a few other ideas:

  • A hobby you enjoy 
  • Your pet(s) 
  • A relationship 
  • A day/evening with friends or family


The space on the top of the 7x8.25 This Moment paper is just calling out to be filled! My first thought was a really big title. I am thinking word art, but you could totally do a really cool title with stamps or letter stickers or a combination of both. I plan to pair this page with a 4-photo collage. Numbering each of the photos and the journal spots would help the viewer connect each photo to a story. You could also do a full-page photo as the second page. Additionally, If you prefer to have a single page, a photo or photo collage would look great right on the paper from the kit above the journal spots. Some story ideas include:

  • Right now 
  • Road trip/day trip that you loved 
  • Four favorite places 
  • Pieces of your day

Thank you all for joining me as I planned some sketches and stories for the Labels Quarterly Scrapbook Kit. There are so many possibilities! I hope that I was able to give you some ideas and inspiration to tell your own stories. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or even to share some great ideas of your own! Happy storytelling, my friends! Find me on Instagram here

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12 thoughts

  1. geordie281 says…

    I love all of your ideas Denine. Thank you.

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    1. denine2 says…

      YW...and thanks for your kind words!

  2. TracieClaiborne says…

    This was so fun! Thank you! You are one of my absolute favorite scrappers.

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    1. denine2 says…

      Awww, are so very sweet!

  3. aracine says…

    These ideas are all wonderful! I always love the foam squares to add dimension. Looking forward to creating some of these. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

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    1. denine2 says…

      You're welcome and thanks for stopping by with your kind words.

  4. totteacher says…

    wow this was perfect thank you! I need these simple and fast, ready to go layout ideas for an album I am working on! I can never think of them on my own... so thanks again! 😁

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    1. denine2 says…

      You're welcome, and i am so happy that I could help with some ideas!

  5. Kpadalik says…

    Great ideas Denine...simple ideas that can be used with any kit. You definitely show that the process doesn't have to be over-thought!

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    1. denine2 says…

      Thanks so much! I am thrilled to help with a little inspiration!

  6. janeo8760 says…

    This post sold the deal! I just bought the digital kit that I have been pondering the past couple of days. These page ideas are just perfect. Thank you

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  7. Kirsten_Heal says…

    love all these ideas!!

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