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Go Scrapbook Kit | Special Guest Linda Jordan

Hi there! This is Linda and I’m so excited to be here today to share with you my project planning for the Go Quarterly Scrapbook Kit. Most of the scrapbook kits don’t have a specific story prompt (like a story kit), which gives you more flexibility, but sometimes makes it difficult to come up with story ideas. I love this kit because it has a very loose theme, Go, which is great for stories of travel, outdoor activities, and just moving around! But, it’s also very loosely themed so you can use this kit to tell most stories.

Because this kit has such a loose theme, I kept in mind photos + stories from the past couple of months, plus a few things that I know are coming up (I have a busy June ahead!) as my jumping off point for most of my projects and then use the kit itself to spark design ideas.

In the video, I walk through my process for planning out 10 projects using this kit, as well as talk through lots of other ideas.

My first step is always to look through the kit in its entirety. As I get to each item, I think about a few things:

1. Is this something I want to add into my stash because it’s a great basic, or do I want to use it in a specific project? 

2. For embellishments, is this something I want to use all on one project, or should I use these a little at a time as additional embellishments?

3. Does this include a story prompt I want to use as a jumping off point for a story?

4. For papers, is this something I want to cut up or keep whole?

5. Does this product lend itself well to project life?

Next, I go through the products again and begin lumping together the products I want to use in a specific project and sketching out the project ideas. I also make note of the album I will add it into, the specific story I want to tell, any specific photos I want to include, and which products I want to use. 

Then I put together the products for each project in a ziplock (when they fit) or otherwise lumped them together so they’ll be easy to pull out when I’m ready to put that project together.  Then I placed the entire kit back into the box I store it in, so it’s easily put away when I’m working on other projects or using my desk for other things (I also work from home a few days per week). 

And that’s it! I’m ready to dive into the kit and start making. Thank you so much for joining me to plan out projects using the Go Quarterly Scrapbook Kit!

If you’re interested in more details on my planning process, I have an entire class on project planning (and so much more) it that is still for sale called Plan, Prep & Play.  I also often share my projects & bits of my process over on my instagram and on my YouTube.

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5 thoughts

  1. aguilarmom says…

    It was very helpful to see this process!

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  2. inouyeflo says…

    This is so helpful! I find that the scrapbook kits are stackinhg up for me and this was truly inspirational. I love your varied sizes and can't wait to see some of these come to life. Thanks, Linda.

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. kn1kdav1 says…

    Love your planning process! Very inspiring!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. ahiggins83 says…

    Thanks for sharing, Linda!! I love your planning videos here and in the Story Kit classroom. So many good ideas!

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. inouyeflo says…

    Linda, I am SO glad you are contributing more in the community! I am a planner and list girl myself. I also truly appreciated your class earlier this year, and your Story Kit lessons monthly. Thanks for all you do!

    Reply 0 Replies