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December Daily® 2023 | Let's Play Series Recap

All this week we're sharing some of our most popular and most informative posts related to December Daily®. Today we're sharing a recap of our Let's Play series featuring content from Pam Baldwin,  Linda JordanJill Drangsholt, and Lisa Varshine

Plan + Play Monday with Linda

Plan + Play Monday was led by Linda Jordan, creative team alum, Story Planning contributor, and the instructor behind Plan, Prep, and Play. Linda shared how to set yourself up for success with the project focusing primarily on the main kit. She'll had planning and organizational tips and tools, guidance on selecting your format, streamlining your stash, finding inspiration, and more.

Paint + Play Wednesday with Jill

Paint + Play Wednesday was led by Jill Drangsholt, a creative team alum and frequent class contributor. Jill shared her expertise as a mixed media artist, offering tips and inspiration on using stencils, silkscreens, acrylic paint, and more. Jill's posts include fun ideas that can translate directly to our December Daily® spreads. 

Paper Play Friday with Pam

Paper Play Friday was led by Pam Baldwin, another creative team alum, frequent class contributor, and the instructor behind Playing With Paper. Pam did what she does best: working her magic with products from this year's collection. She demonstrated creative ideas for fun, easy, DIY and interactive elements. 

Each of the ladies featured ideas that can easily be translated across album sizes and formats, and can be replicated using either products from this year's collection, or your stash. 

Done by December with Lisa

Done By December will be back this year and led by Lisa Varshine, AED team member, creative team alum, class contributor, and the instructor behind Magic of Moments. Lisa will be completing spreads from her 2022 album using mix of product from this year's collection along with previous years. 

We're so excited to share the inspiration these ladies put together for you! In addition to these series, we're looking forward to sharing other phenomenal voices from this community during our  December Daily® Product Play 2023 | Try ThisHybrid Product Play, and December Daily® 2023 Prep Day classes, in addition to other fun content we'll be sharing both here and on our Instagram channels. 

Bring on the December Stories! 

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