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Here's a look at this week's inspiration from the AE Digital Creative Team using designs from my digital shop. Remember, many of these awesome women are paper scrapbookers who use these projects in conjunction with their paper projects. 

First up: Awesome Story 3x4 Cards

When I designed these cards I envisioned that people would use them with the Silhouette and I loved seeing that happen for real. 

Cristina C. (linked to layout) | I'm totally loving this 2-page layout from Cristina where she layered patterns behind the "so totally awesome" word art card. I also love how she incorporated some of my other word art files in her journaling. I think she took those from these Love Notes Cards

Want to know how to trace and cut my PNG files with a Silhouette? I've got a tutorial for you on how to do that here

Donya Gjerdingen | Donya also cut a file with a Silhouette and backed it with pattern papers. I love how both of them took it as an opportunity to add in some color. On the second page Donya is documenting some quotes from her Pinterest board. 

Emily Webster | Emily documented a girl's trip using this card set plus some of my other products including: Gathering Digital Story Kit™Firsts Digital Story Kit™, and Everyday Labels.

Ginny Hughes | Ginny created this awesome 6x12 page, again using the Silhouette but this time using the letters vs. the outside of the cut like the others did above. Love how she stitched them right to her layout. 

Paige Taylor Evans (linked to layout) | Click on Paige's name to visit her blog and read about her process for this awesome hand-stitched layout. She is the master. 

Next up: Love Notes 3x4 Journal Cards

These were created with a couple things in mind. First, I thought they would be cool to add to my kids lunches or to tape to the bathroom mirror or leave on their pillow. Just a little something - a little hello, a little love, a little goodness. Second, I know they would look cool on layouts or in Project Life. 

Pam Baldwin (linked to layout) | Pam's 6x8 layout makes me so, so happy. Bright, fun, interactive and inspired by a pillow. Click on over to her blog to read about her inspiration and process. 

Sasha Farina (linked to layout) | Click on over to Sasha's blog to read more about how she put this page together - I love that she printed the digital part directly onto the pattern paper and then built her page up around it. Super cool. And I love yellow stitching. 

Teresa Victor | Love that Teresa showed how easy one of these cards is to add to Project Life. 

Next up: The Story Of Today 3x4 Cards + Stamps

This set is awesome for a couple reasons. One: I can never have enough products with the days of the week included. Two: This set includes both the word art brushes and the PNG files for the card and a printable PDF for simple printing. 

Celine Navarro (linked to layout) | One thing I love about having a Creative Team is that they make the products work for their stories and their creative strengths. I love how Celine went BIG with the word art from this set and paired it with the plastic "gather" word from the Gatherings Story Kit™. It's such a cool double-page, full photo spread. Click on her name to read more about her process. 

Kelly Schmidt (linked to layout) | This is one of the ways I imagined using this set - one card for each day of the week. Simple & easy. I also like how she mixed the word art option in - adding "Friday" to one of her photos vs. just adding in the full card. Kelly added other products from past Digital Story Kits™. 

Lindsay Bateman | Love the series of photos Lindsay shares here and also how she used a repeated TODAY card (from the AM/PM Story Kit™) to create a pattern along the bottom of her page. 

Trisha Harrison (linked to layout) | Click on over to Trisha's blog to read more about her process for putting together this spread - she's working 9x12. She added word art from this set directly to the photo of her in the 4x6 slot. 

Thanks for being here - hope you have an awesome day!

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    Great work ladies!!!

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    Beautiful work. Best design team. Michelle t

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    These layouts are beyond beautiful, best gallery ever! Thank you!

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    This is becoming one of my favorite features on the blog. This team's talent is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

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