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Week In The Life™ 2016 | Friday Words & Photos

Ah, Friday. I am a fan

I'm hoping you've been enjoying your Week In The Life™ experience regardless of the ups and the downs of life or motivation or technical issues. They've all existed for me at one time or another. Keep going - only two more days. 

What's the story of your weekend? What do you normally do on Saturdays and Sundays and what's happening this weekend? What's different about the weekends vs. the weekdays? Tell those stories. 

After traveling for two long weekends last month I'm so happy to just be home for awhile. 

Here' s a look at my Friday: 

Woke up at Aaron's this morning after a super fun night with friends. 

When the kids are away I sometimes stay there for one or more nights depending on scheduling and what's happening. Sometimes his kids are there and sometimes they are with their Mom. It's how things roll around here. Imperfect and awesome

After making a smoothie for us to share Aaron had a little morning treat for Woody.

I drive back to my house - we live about 10 minutes apart. I walk around the yard and check out the peonies and cut some to bring inside. I really do love sunny mornings out in the yard just walking around, often with a cup of coffee and clippers in hand, checking things out. What's blooming, what's dead, what needs to be pruned, and always dreaming of other things to add.  

My white hydrangea is also starting to bloom. 

This is my other section of peonies - these are the light pink ones that are super close to bursting open. I can't wait to cut a few of these to bring inside too. 

Yes, it's time for some caulk work around the sink and/or a new sink. Into large mason jars go the blooms. 

When I walk upstairs I peek in the kids room. I think about how I like to take photos of their "stuff of life" right now. American Girl dolls, Barbies, Shopkins, clothes, and things that are pink. 

I also have a tradition of taking a photo of Anna's closet during this project. I love seeing the evolution of the clothes in her closet from year to year. 

Looks like it might also be time to go through her clothes again. My kids have a month left until school gets out for the summer. 

I love seeing that one of the cats, most likely George, slept on Simon's bed last night. 

After taking those shots of the kids rooms I head into my office. I think about how I'd really like to clean it all up today (piles, piles, everywhere) but I had some design deadlines I needed to meet (working on new products for One Little Word® next year). 

One coffee cup from yesterday and one from today. And the peonies that came inside. Piles. 

As I was working on new products I was flipping through my OLW album this year and loved re-reading this quote again. 

Lunch (tomato soup + bread) and laundry and reading the paper. I took this one with the timer on my iPhone because the other camera was still upstairs. I set it on the opposite counter and propped it up against a bottle of hand soap. 

After a bit more work I head over to the pool to hang out with Aaron and kids. It's been awesome weather here again recently (80's) but the clouds and rain are coming back again tomorrow. I love this pool. So many friends hang out here - it's a great social community with lots of parents and kids and beer on tap. 

The view from our chairs. 

Even though the focus wasn't right on this one I went with it anyway. 

A bigger kid who still wants to hang out with Dad. 

Audrey's missing something. She totally wished Anna was at the pool today too. 

After swimming we did Taco Bell drive-through for a quick & easy dinner and headed back over to Aaron's. Kids finished watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (a Simon favorite) while eating and then I finished up this post and then they wanted to look at what I was doing and then they all decided that they wanted to have their own blogs. 

I'm signing off for today but looking forward to watching a movie tonight (no idea what just yet) after the kids go to bed. 


I'd love to have you share a link to your FRIDAY words and photos below. Please link directly to your post vs. a general blog link. In addition you're invited to come over to the free Week In The Life™ Community Gallery & Message Board.

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6 thoughts

  1. mtercha says…

    Losing steam, yeah that's me. But I have stories that there are no pictures for, which is ok they're going in. My son was a hero at school yesterday, which ended up causing me a bit of residual anxiety. Anyway one thing I've noticed from year to year was the stories without the photos, I always have some. I also find myself in some season of parenting that causes me anxiety, but sometimes I don't need a very good reason to be anxious. Anyway, sorry to go on, I loved your pictures. Have a great weekend. Michelle t

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  2. teri0604 says…

    Beautiful colors in your Friday! How fun! Cut flowers coming inside is one of the best little parts of life! Just did our community pool cleanup today...soon our toes will be touching the water daily! Hoping your Saturday is wonderful!

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  3. papergoddess says…

    Yes to peonies! I love the blurred photo. Sometimes it almost gives the sense of vibrations, life & warmth. It's like you can see the energy moving between the people. love it.

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