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December Daily® 2016 | Digital Products Now Available

This year's December Daily® digital products are now available in the shop

Just like last year, I have included 6x8, 4x6, and 3x4 overlays - sold in individual packages - as well as offering a combo pack that includes all three sizes. Each package includes 31 individual PNG files for each day in December +  an easy to print .pdf.

Here's a look at the digitals that are available this year: 


December Daily® Overlays Combo Pack No. 3

December Daily® 6X8 Overlays No. 3

December Daily® 4x6 Overlays No. 3

December Daily® 3x4 Overalys No. 3


December Stories 6x8 Layered Templates Vol. 3

December Stories 4x6 Layered Templates Vol. 3

December Stories 3x8 Layered Templates


December Daily®: Main Kit by Ali Edwards

December Daily®: Mini Kit by Pam Garrison

December Daily®: Mini Kit by Jasmine Jones

December Daily®: Mini Kit by Studio DIY!

December Daily®: Mini Kit by Paislee Press

December Daily®: Mini Kit by Decor8


December Daily® Stamp: Christmas Phrases by Ali Edwards

December Daily® Stamp: Christmas Star by Ali Edwards

December Daily® Stamp: December Calendar by Ali Edwards

December Daily® Stamp: Messy Christmas Circles by Ali Edwards

December Daily® Stamp: Cozy Christmas by Jasmine Jones

December Daily® Stamp: December Details by Paislee Press

If you are interested in the digital version of the 'Tis The Season 4x6 Stamp, you can find that set here and here.


Tree Sentiments

Digital December Daily® Chipboard Shapes

Also, registration will close tomorrow (October 11th) for my 4-week workshop Hybrid

This workshop will run again sometime next year or you can sign up now and access the content at any time at your own pace. Student feedback so far has been really positive about the content within this workshop. Here are a couple of my favorites: 

From loripsm121 | Whoa momma! I was on the fence about the class because I kinda feel that I can basically get done what I need to with Elements. Getting better with not so much trial and error, a Google search here and there, but usually get to my end goal. Well.......first Elements basics video in, I am no longer using Photo Bin, hello floating Windows and you recolor your word art in a much easier way than what I was doing. Thank you! I can hardly wait to find out what I "don't know" in the coming weeks.

From Melissa | I just finished the first lesson. This is EXACTLY, EXACTLY, EXACTLY what I needed in my life. I had no idea where to start with using digital elements, and being able to go through a simple exercise step by step with Ali's video was so helpful. Every time I did what she told me to and it worked, I got so excited! I cannot wait until tomorrow's lesson. This is my favorite Ali class so far, and that is saying A LOT because I love all her classes. I can't recommend this enough, guys!

From Valarie | I took Ali's Lens of Joy class and loved it and learned so much. I also participated in WITL for the very first time in May 2016 and loved that too, but got stuck and frustrated dealing with the digital aspect that I wanted to add, well after just the first class yesterday, it helped so much that I actually finished my Monday of WITL!!!   so if you are on the fence, take the leap. You won't regret it!

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8 thoughts

  1. riikka says…

    Ooh, very tempting! One question: can I change the text on the overlays?

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi - they are not editable text layers (they are flattened). You could color over the month if you wanted to type in a different month.

    2. riikka says…

      Thank you, Ali. I write in Finnish and I would like to change December -> Joulukuu. With coloring over December do I find the right colour on Photoshop Elements? (I SO need my Hybrid, thank you for that!)

  2. abbypimentel says…

    Awesome, as usual! I received the email about the Digital Creative Team's inspiration - since I didn't see any holiday themed layouts, do we go to their respective social media accounts to view those? Thanks for great products, yet again!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi - yes! They have some deadlines for sharing coming soon but for now checking out their social media accounts is a great way to see what they are up to ;).

  3. CasieGutierrez says…

    Can the photo overlays be used in Letterglow?

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. bab275 says…

    I'm sure someone has already noticed this, but just in case, in the Messy Circles set, December is spelled "Decembe"

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Yep! Thanks - that was just a mistake on the preview image. The product included is correct :).