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Week In The Life™ 2022 | Ali's Sunday

Ah, Sunday. 

We made it my friends! Another week of Week In The Life™ documenting is complete. It always feels strange on Monday morning after a full week of consciously taking photos and writing notes and observing my life as I'm living it. I almost always take fewer photos on Sunday. I think that's often simply fatigue with the project mixed with the fact that our weekends are often spent simply hanging out around the house. 

Here's a look at my Sunday: 

Up early with Betty. Still wearing the same clothes as I had on yesterday in order to simply roll out of bed and head outside with her. Thankful for my easy to slip on Birkenstocks. Birks + tennis shoes are the main shoes I wear most regularly these days. Honestly no need for anything else in this season of my life. 

Shadow photos forever. Betty loves going out in our front yard as much as going out in the backyard. She's definitely interested in what the cats are doing as they often hang out in the large lavender bushes we have in the front.

It was a sprinkler morning. I'm here for this light and the freshness and the sounds of the morning. I've really been doing a lot of listening when Betty and I go out in the morning. We have a lot of doves that hang out in our tree and they make a sound like an owl. 

Right before I got back in bed for a much needed extra long nap (thankfully Betty was ready for one too). 

I am tired. I am thankful for my people. I am frustrated with things happening in our country. I am finding a rhythm with Betty. I am encouraging Simon. I am listening to Aaron. I am embracing the mess in this season. I am questioning lots of things and making a plan for advocacy. I am ordering groceries. I am checking email. I am loving bringing my photos to life via video this past week. I am listening to podcasts. I am letting some things go. I am looking forward to my sister visiting soon. I am excited for the girls to go to camp soon. I am so happy about the warm weather.   

Sam hanging out in my closet. 

Playing a lego video game with Simon. I set my phone on his shelves and set it to the .5 setting again to get a super wide shot. I love that it shows Betty's crate and captures a variety of things in his room. He's teaching me to play the game and has been so patient. It's hard to remember what all the buttons are on the x-box controller so he printed out a cheat sheet for me to review and learn from. 

Elliott loving on Betty before he headed over to his girlfriends house. 

Simon getting ready to head out to the ballpark for his Sunday shift. 

Conversation and laughter before heading out. 

Today was the first day in quite awhile that Aaron and I had the house to ourselves for the afternoon and most of the evening.

It was so hot today (upper 90's). Betty would head outside for a few minutes and then want to come back inside to the air conditioning - often running right towards the vents and then laying right on top of them (smart girl). She also took a long nap under the ottoman in the living room. She's a fan on being under things (it won't be long until she's too big to fit in these spots). 

Waiting for Aaron to come back after dropping Elliott off. Read a couple pages before nodding off to sleep. 

It's pretty normal for me to not leave the house on Sunday. 

I stubbed my pinkie toe again today (the one I injured yesterday). Stubbing it started the bleeding all over again. 

Processing the strawberries we picked up at the Farmer's Market earlier in the week. I froze half of them for smoothies and cut the rest for snacking. 

Making our bed together. Using the .5 option on my iPhone again. I think these shots are so fun - even with the distortion. I love seeing a different perspective of our regular spaces. 

Betty did a lot of laying and drinking today as it was so hot again. 

She found a vent under the laundry cart and hung out there for awhile. 

We ate freezer pizzas from Costco again. We started watching the first episode of the new season of Westworld (one of our favorite shows) but I was so tired I feel asleep. 

This is my life right now. Seven days in this particular season. 


Here's to the next phase of this project! I'll be taking a break for a bit before diving in to start bringing my words + photos into my album. I hope to start at the end of this week/beginning of next week and will share here once I get started. 

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5 thoughts

  1. iHanna says…

    Thanks for sharing your life in photos with us Ali, I love these kind of posts SO much. 💖

    So glad I jumped on WITL this year again, and yes, felt so strange not to constantly be taking photos today!


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  2. mecastro says…

    I always love seeing your daily life photographs and how you make the ordinary seem magical. Although I have been curious about WITL for many, many years, this is the first year I have attempted it. I, too, am frustrated with what is going on with our country. This past week, I finished reading The Lightmaker's Manifesto, upon your recommendation. I am doing my best to be an advocate and will try to hone my skills using Karen Walrond's ideas.

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  3. PrinzessinN says…

    Dear Ali, thank you for your posts. I loved reading them. This project is a highlight for me. I did my documenting in the first week of June. My album is not complete. I am still editing my photos. But I can't wait to hold the finished album in my hands. For next time I hope to remember to use the 0.5 option on my iPhone. These pictures are cool. Thank you. Xoxo Nadia

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  4. hazekumar0 says…
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  5. diabedon says…

    Dear Ali, thank you for your posts.

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