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Week In The Life™ 2023 | Ali's Albums + Resources

A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life™ is an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of your life with photos and words. This year Ali will be documenting her week beginning April, 24th, 2023. Consider yourself invited. As we gear up for the community documenting week and plan content to support your journey with this project, we wanted to put together a blog post that could serve as a resource or starting point as we all start to think about the stories we want to tell later this month. 

Below you can find all of the Week In the Life™ posts Ali has shared over the past few years, going back to 2018. These posts include FAQs, pep talks, posts that include her daily words + photos, as well as completed album walkthroughs. 

Is this your first time learning about Week In The Life™?   Check out more details on this project that Ali started in 2005 here. Looking for products to support your storytelling? Find them here. Stay tuned for more inspiration from our amazing community members happening all this week! And don't forget to check out Ali's newest class: Storytelling With Week In The Life™. Find more information below, or register now,here

Ali's Week In The Life™ | 2023

Ali's Week In The Life™ | 2022

Ali's Week In The Life™ | 2021

Ali's Week In The Life™ | 2020

Ali's Week In The Life™ | 2019

Ali's Week In The Life™ | 2018

Storytelling With Week In The Life™

Want to go deeper into the history and thought behind Week In The Life™? Looking to be re-inspired and remember why you started embarking on this project in the first place? Are you brand new to this project and have no idea where to start? 

Ali's been working hard behind the scenes on a brand new workshop Storytelling With Week In The Life™. Modeled after  Storytelling With December Daily® and Storytelling With Project Life®, this workshop is designed to be a comprehensive look at our Week In The Life™ project. 

The first two lessons will be live in the workshop on Saturday, April 15th .  Lesson Three will be live on Wednesday, April 19th. Lesson Four will be live on Wednesday, April 26th. 

Here's the lesson break down: 

  • LESSON ONE | Looking Back: Video walk-throughs of all my past Week In The Life™ albums along with thoughts on what I've learned over the years
  • LESSON TWO | Before Documenting: Establishing your mindset, setting up your Design + Story Plans (based on what's most important to you to document in any given season)
  • LESSON THREE | During Documenting: Tips and ideas for capturing your words + photos during the actual week
  • LESSON FOUR | After Documenting: Bringing your words + photos into your album (basically how to tackle completing the project after you've collected all your content)

This workshop isn't specific to any documenting year and is meant to be a more comprehensive and evergreen look at the project as a whole. My hope is that you'll be encouraged, inspired and empowered to approach telling the story of your week based on your own season of life. 

Stay tuned for more fun and inspirational content as we get closer to Week In The Life™ 2023.  As always, thank you for being a part of this community. 

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