December Daily® 2023 | Ali's Foundation Page Idea 02

One of the stories I know I am going to want to tell in my December Daily® this year will be the story of colorful lights on our tree. 

For this foundation page I started with the die cut tree from the Die Cut Page Insert Pack and one of the 4x6 journal cards from the Main Kit. Because one of my intentions this year is colorful, festive fun I decided to grab the 6x8 Tree Stamp and a selection of inks and create a mini forest of colorful trees that could be adhered to the top of the journal card. 

Check out the video to see how this foundation page evolved: 

And here's a closer look via photos: 

I'll add something to the back of the tree and on the front of the journaling card during December. I'm also initially planning to pair this with a full page photo to the left. 

I'm using a Attacher Sticker to add this card to my album. 

This page started with using the large tree stamp. To bring in some color I played around with stamping the tree using two different colors per tree and I seriously loved how that looked. They were inspired by these super cute ornaments I recently pinned to Pinterest. I used McKenzieWillametteRose GardenRedwoods, and Honeyman.

After stamping the trees I cut them out using scissors and reminded myself that IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE PERFECT. 

After the colorful trees were done I stamped and embossed two smaller trees using gold and red embossing powder on vellum

I layered the vellum trees on top of the stamped trees and stapled them together on the bottom. I added one of the dark green chipboard phrases and added a gold glitter star from the Sticker Advent Calendar

I used a strip of red line tape to adhere the mini forest behind the 4x6 journal card. 

BIG NOTE: Learn from my mistakes and if you want to do anything to the backs of the large trees do it before you adhere and staple. Ha. It's all good. 

While creating my mini forest I decided to take care of the back of the trees now vs. waiting until December. 

On the backs of the two outside trees I used the text silkscreen and the red and green paint from our paint pack. Much, much easier to do this before you attach the trees together but I made it work.  

For the middle tree I stamped and embossed in gold on vellum and adhered that to the back of the other tree.

On top of the three large stamps I added two of the felt tress from the Main Kit and the pleather Fa La La heart sticker from the Advent Calendar

Rather than leaving the back of the 4 inch x 6 inch journal card open I decided to add the Dear Santa vellum from the Specialty Journal Card Set and another mix of sequins from The Diary Of Belle Rose. This time I just used red line tape around the outside edge to hold the squins in place. 

I super love how this turned it! So fun + festive.


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  1. lisasproul says…

    I love this!

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  2. Kimkgn says…

    Love the colorful trees!

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  3. reneemc63 says…

    Love this and super cute!

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  4. laura_g_ says…

    Love this! It's so colorful and fun!! It doesn't have to be perfect, it's artsy!😉

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  5. christyj says…

    Love how this turned out.

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  6. ahiggins83 says…

    Love this!! That tree stamp is EVERYTHING! So cute with the multiple colors/textures.

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  7. Jeannew says…

    Love this! So fun and festive!

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  8. starrsstripes says…

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

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    I love it.

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    同学们要做好基础的一个衡量工作,看看哪个机构的能力更强,是比较正规的coursework代写 机构。至少对方要为大家提供很好的一个基础业务,这样也可以更加放心一些。

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