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Design Story Kit™ + Story Stamp™ + April Stories By The Month™

In the Story Classroom this month we are focusing on stories related to the theme of Design. 

Here are a few thoughts about this particular theme: 

“Every great design begins with an even better story.” I love this quote and this concept and this month we are going to investigate stories related to the literal concept of design (making plans, designing projects, etc) and also the more figurative idea of designing a life you love.

Initial story ideas for the Design theme include: 

  1. Tell a story of something you love to design: your home, your stories, your garden, etc.

  2. What have you been doing recently to design a life you love?

  3. Often in the study of design we are told to learn the rules and then break them. Are there design rules that you regularly break? Tell a story about that.

If you are new to the Story Subscription program, check out all the details  here

If you are already a subscriber the content in the classroom will be available to you on the 15th.


Here's a look at the Story Kit™ contents for Design:

ADD ON OPTIONS | Current and new subscribers can select + purchase Add-On's via your new drop-down menu access under your user name in the top right corner of the site. If you subscribe to more than one you will have a Box for each subscription and the ability to purchase Add-On's for each one. Depending on product availability subscribers may be able to purchase the Add-On's after the Add-On period has ended and regular shop shipping rates will apply because they will ship separately from the kit.

Here are the optional Add-Ons for subscribers of the Design  Story Kit™ theme. All three of these products are exclusive to subscribers at this time (but may be added to the shop in the future). 

Here's a video overview of the  Story Kit™ and Add-On options this month:


The Design Stamp Set:

The  Story Stamp™ also has Add-On options available to subscribers (Black Butte Ink is also an option):

Here's a video overview of the  Story Stamp™ and Add-On options this month: 


Your digital kit and the classroom and any Add-Ons purchased will be available to you on the 15th once your card has been charged for the month. 

Here's a look at what's included in the Digital Story Kit™ for Design: 

And a couple peeks at the layouts I created with the kits this month in addition to the one featured at the top of this post ( full details, including process videos and how-to handout, are included with subscription):

Again, thanks so much for subscribing and/or considering my Story Subscription program! If you have any questions about this program please let me know below in the comments. 


Stories By The Month™ kits now include 4x6 chipboard, 3x4 and 4x6 cards, a 3x4 stamp, a sticker sheet, and an embellishment (wood veneer, cork, etc). Subscribers were sent an email earlier this month with information related to this adjustment, including the price increase and the option to cancel your subscription without penalty. If you have questions about this adjustment please reach out to my Customer Service TeamStories By The Month™ Kits are all based on the designs we offered digitally each month throughout 2018. 

Here is a full look at the kit for March: 

Here's a look at the Add-On options for Stories By The Month™ subscribers this month: 

And a video overview: 

This subscription is a great option for those who are looking to tell more calendar/everyday life sorts of stories. 

Check out this post for more information about this new subscription, including differences between the subscription options offered. 

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