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Join Us For "Pieces Of Joy" Next Week

Quick reminder that you are invited to join Ali next week as she embarks on the next chapter in our Pieces Of Life project: Pieces of Joy. 

Past Pieces Of Life themes: 

Each Pieces Of Life project consists of seven storytelling prompts - one for each day over the course of the week. Ali has been using notebooks to document these stories but you can choose your own adventure and simply share these prompts on Instagram, in a traditional scrapbook, in pocket pages, or even in a personal journal. 

For Pieces Of Joy  the prompts will be as follows: 

  • Monday: What Joy Means To Me
    What does joy mean to you? Write your own definition or look it up and use that as a jumping off point for your story. Consider using "joy means..." at the beginning of each thought. 
  • Tuesday: Joy Looks Like 
    What does joy look like in your life? Make a list or pick one thing and use that as an entry point to your story. Is joy a smile? A toy? A person? Something in nature? Make a list or dive deeper into one story. 
  • Wednesday: Joy Tastes Like
    What does pure joy taste like to you? Is it a summer fruit? A piece of cake? Something your Mom or Dad used to make? Something you cook that feels like home? A drink? Make a list or dive deeper into one story. 
  • Thursday: Joy Feels Like
    What does joy feel like to you? How does it feel inside your body? Is there anything else you can compare it to? When do you feel the most joy? What's most often happening when you feel joy? Make a list or dive deeper into one story. 
  • Friday: Joy Smells Like
    What does joy smell like? Summertime? Christmas? Is it something you smell regularly or only on special occasions? Do you have something that smells like joy in each season of the year? Make a list or dive deeper into one story. 
  • Saturday: Joy Sounds Like
    What does joy sound like? Is it the voice of a specific person? Is it a song? A TV show? Something outside? Make a list or dive deeper into one story. 
  • Sunday: A Joy-Filled Memory
    Close your eyes and think about some of the most joyful memories in your life. Pick one to write about here in your notebook.

As Ali states in the "thoughts on the prompts" section of the notebook: 

We all have a story. This practice is a wonderful opportunity to focus on some pieces of joy in your life. Enjoy this chance to focus on some pieces of joy that tell a little more of your own personal story. You've got this! I'm excited for you. Have fun! 


We do have some of the notebooks available either in the physical or digital version if you'd like to collect your stories in that format. The Pieces Of Joy stamp set can be found here (digital stamp available too). 

Ali's also put together a printable PDF in case notebook documenting isn't the method you'd like to use for this project and you'd like to have a place to jot down notes or your story. 

Download the Pieces Of Joy one-page PDF here. 

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6 thoughts

  1. rhereford214 says…

    I'm super excited for another "Pieces of" project! These inspire very different types of stories from my usual album documenting and I love having that variation in my memorykeeping. 🩷

    Reply 0 Replies
  2. tmarieartist says…

    @alieedwards how did you get the "what joy means to me" on the cover, that isn't one of the stamps?
    Also what stamp set is the days of the week please?

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! That's just digitally added onto the photo to share on the internet.

    2. tmarieartist says…

      ahh, thank you!

  3. kimvanderveen says…

    Is this project only on instagram? I can’t find any blog or something on the website or YouTube…

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I'm sharing this week on IG and will be doing a blog post next week with it all together. If you don't have IG on your phone you can see it one the web:

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